This was the ATH&L officers listed in the book

dated 1968.

While clearing out some old files I came across a book on Waynesboro Area Sesquicentennial History. Some good articles I will highlight here from time to time. First was on the Always There Hook & Ladder Co. No 1.

Always There Hook & Ladder Co.

The Always There Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1, Waynesboro, Pa., was organized in October of the year 1880, with about thirty members, and the following offcers, Jacob F. Reininger, President; Wm. I. Bikle, Vice President; Cyrus Foltz, Secretary; B. F. Foreman, Treasurer. Jacob O. Thompson was the first Captain of the Company and also Drill Captain. The first meeting of this company was held in Center Square at the old town pump, when the name of the company was suggested by Cyrus Foltz, and adopted. Of the above offcers only one member held an offce in the company until death, which was Jacob F. Reininger, who died in May, 1924, at the age of 96 years, and was chairman of the trustees of the company.

The first fire fighting equipment of this company was a hand drawn truck which was equipped with several ladders, buckets, and lanterns, which was stored in a barn which stood in alley No. 1 north of Main Street. Company meetings were held in Squire Seibitt's omce then on South Church Street.

On October 11th, 1882, this Company was in corporated. Application for the Charter was made by W. J. C. Jacobs, Jesse R. Oller, A. F. Bringman, J. F. Reininger and J. O. Thompson. W. T. Omwake, attorney at law, was the solicitor. Judge D. Watson Rowe was Presiding Judge of the Franklin County Court. The Charter was received by the following trustees: D. C. Unger, James Potter and H. H. Leidig. The first active ladder men at this time were: Fred Frick, Frank Grove, Howard Fisher and Clark Grumbine.

The company formed a Band in the same year known as the "Hook & Ladder Band." It was organized with about twenty-two members. W. E. Dock was the first director. Dr. J. C. Criswell was the first bass player. This band was in existence until the year 1899 when it consolidated with the "Old Waynesboro Cornet Band" and formed what is now known as the Wayne Band.

In the year 1882 the company took up quarters in the East Side of the Academy of Music, which was built in the year 1881. They used this building as their home until the year 1899 when they moved to their present home in the South Side of the Firemen's Hall which was built by the town, and given over to the city Firemen for their use, by a resolution which was received by the company August 2nd, 1900, which was as follows :

Resolved: — That the Burgess be instructed to tender to the Mechanics Steam Fire Engine and Hose Co. and the Always There Hook & Ladder Co. the use of the new Firemen's Hall on South Potomac St., so long as they shall respectively maintain an effective organization for the purpose for which they were created and that to this end the burgess is instructed to turn over to them the keys to said building.

Signed — Samuel C. Plank, Secretary to Council The company's equipment at this time consisted of a small horse drawn Hook & Ladder Truck which was replaced in the year 1906 with a Seagraves 65 ft. Aerial horse drawn truck, which was kept in service until December 23rd, 1916, when the company was motorized with an American LaFrance City Service Truck which is equipped with eight ladders varying in length from ten to fifty feet, and carries one thousand feet of hose, besides other modern fire fighting equipment. The Company was first to be motorized in the city, which was made possible by Chief Daniel J. Strine. The present apparatus was -purchased in 1926.

The company continued to maintain modern equipment, and in 1947 realized the need for am bulance service. A special meeting was called in September, 1947, and a 1947 Penny Packard Ambulance was purchased for $7,160.00.
In 1961 it was realized that an additional Ambulance was necessary to handle the increased number of calls. Two International Ambulances were purchased and operated until 1964, when a new Miller Metor Cadillac was purchased. One of the International Ambulances was converted to a Fire & Rescue vehicle, and donated to the Borough of Waynesboro.
Intensive First Aid Training has been administered to approximately 100 members of both companies, enabling the company to have certified Ambulance Drivers and attendants.
With this new building and modern Equipment to be housed here it is trusted that we as firemen will continue to add to the history of this

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